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VPT ad #4
VPT ad #4
Video Post & Transfer, Inc.
Self-promotional advertisement

Print Design

This section includes selected pieces from my print design portfolio. I have been involved in a variety of print projects, such as advertisements, CD covers, postcards, brochures, logos, stationery, business cards and even shopping bags. All of these pieces were designed by me, and I did the layouts as well.

Please click on any thumbnail below, and a larger version (along with brief description) will appear to the left.

Ad for & TransferAd for Brush Fire FilmsAd for Cuppa Joe MusicAd for Video Post & TransferAd for Video Post & TransferAd for Video Post & TransferNorte de Havana CD coverB1 CD coverHothaus Creative postcardPacific Data Post ratebook coverPacific Data Post shopping bagLogo designsCuppa Joe Music stationeryCuppa Joe Music business cardsSXSW ratecardCommunity Homes for Adults brochure