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(Awarded Certificate of Merit, 2000 DSVC Show

DFW Tank Cleaning

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Print Design

This section includes selected pieces from my print design portfolio. I have been involved in a variety of print projects, such as advertisements, CD covers, postcards, brochures, logos, stationery, business cards and even shopping bags. All of these pieces were designed by me, and I did the layouts as well.

Please click on any thumbnail below, and a larger version (along with brief description) will appear to the left.

Ad for & Transfer Ad for Cuppa Joe MusicAd for Video Post & TransferAd for Video Post & Transfer Norte de Havana CD coverB1 CD coverHothaus Creative postcardPacific Data Post ratebook coverPacific Data Post shopping bagLogo designsCuppa Joe Music stationeryCuppa Joe Music business cardsSXSW ratecardCommunity Homes for Adults brochure