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How long will my vinyl graphics last?

For truck graphics, window graphics, and metal signs, I use Oracal 751 cast vinyl. Oracal 751 is rated for up to 8 years outdoors and comes in large variety of colors. Cast vinyl resists curling so is a great choice for long-term use.


Printed graphics are suitable for short term items such as banners, decals and corrugated plastic signs. My wide-format printer uses Eco-solvent inks, which are durable for up to 3 years outdoors if unlaminated. Lamination can increase the outdoor life expectancy by a year or two. The ink will last indefinitely indoors


Can you print on other surfaces in addition to vinyl?

Yes! My printer can handle a variety of roll-fed media up to 48" wide, including: fine art canvas, photographic paper (for posters), and banner material.


What file formats can you print?

For vinyl lettering, the file must be in vector format (either a native Adobe Illustrator file, or an EPS file). The cutter/plotter used to cut out the vinyl shapes only recognizes vector artwork.


For printed graphics, the file must be of high resolution (300 dpi), in CMYK color mode, and ideally either a TIFF or native Photoshop file. Native Illustrator or EPS files are great for printing as well. I can use JPEG files if they have not been compressed for website use. GIF and PNG files are unsuitable for print because they are very low resolution.


If you do not have vector files or high resolution print files, don't worry. If you have a clean print, or a web file that's not too tiny or pixelated, I can recreate them for you.


Can I use images found on Google in my brochure or website?

Unfortunately, many images that appear during a search on Google are not public domain. Google crawls the world wide web and indexes every web page it finds, but the owners of those websites retain the copyright to their images. Copyright notices and/or watermarks are sometimes added to images to prevent unauthorized use, but those marks are not legally required to establish copyright. Unless the images are expressly identified as public domain, play it safe and ask for permission.


Some images that turn up in search engine results are stock photos, or editorial images from news site. In those cases, you must sign an agreement and pay a fee to license them for your own use. There are many high quality stock photos available for a reasonable price.


Can you remove the old vinyl graphics for me?

I have solvents and other tools to aid in the removal of old graphics. Very old vinyl is brittle, and can be a challenge to remove - there is a chance that the paint underneath may chip off in places. What I can do is take a look at your vehicle and we can decide together how to proceed.